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Athletic Performances Set This Argippo Firmly Apart
Emoke Baráth, Marie Lys, Delphine Galou, Marianna Pizzolato, Luigi De Donato; Europa Galante/Fabio Biondi Naïve OP 7079 112:10 mins (2 discs) Here’s more recorded music from that remarkable collection of Vivaldi manuscripts acquired by the Italian Na
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Reader’s Choice
I’m wondering how many of your readers remember Isao Tomita (1932-2016; above), the Japanese electronics whizz who recorded synthesizer versions of classical music favourites? He was big in the 1970s and ’80s, but you don’t hear many of his recording
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Tomaso Albinoni
Albinoni is celebrated today for the brooding G minor Adagio for strings and organ that has underscored many a tearful moment in TV shows and films, from Butterflies to Rollerball, Flashdance to Gallipoli. Paradoxically, while many people still call