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A Few Of Her Favourite Things
Emani loves to travel around the USA (when it’s safe to do so), eat good food, spend lots of time having fun with her friends and make the most of being young while she can. Follow Emani on Instagram at @emani.milan and find her patterns and inspira
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Simple Steps How To Wash Your Crochet Pieces
1 Keep the yarn’s ball band safe and check it for care information. The band will tell you what temperature to wash the yarn at and whether it can go in the machine or if it needs to be handwashed. 2 To handwash, soak for around 30 minutes in a bo
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Inspiring Books
Create animal slippers for the whole family with this cute collection of patterns from leading crochet designer Ira Rott. First choose your slipper type – slide, shoe or boot – then select your size, and finally pick one of 20 different animal design