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Confidence matters

his issue, we focus on ways to nurture and build confidence – from practical steps that can give us the strength to break out the aspects of our personality, including the ‘imperfections’ we often feel we have to keep hidden (page 34). Positive psychology coach Gabrielle Treanor also shows us how confidence can help us to tackle overwhelm, whether this is the confidence to say no, or yes, or to ask for help (page 26).

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Clary Sage
While sage (salvia officinalis) is generally thought of as a culinary plant, this bold blue variety of clary sage packs a punch in flower beds from May to September. Use the variety Salvia viridis ‘Blue’ to line the edge of your cutting patch – it wi
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Sweet Pea
Sow as many sweet peas as you can. You won’t regret it – they’ll fill your life with colour and scent. Choosing which to grow is a task in itself, so start with monotone groups of your favourite colours – although, of course, sweet peas are more abou
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Giving Notes
“Seeds are the perfect gift for pretty much everyone. Tiny fragments of hope and potential and happiness waiting to happen.” So says psychologist turned seed supplier Grace Alexander, who truly understands the benefit of seed planting for our wellbei