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Starting with a male and female rabbit on 1 January, how many could you end up with by 31 December?

The reproductive potential of these fecund mammals preoccupied the Italian mathematician Fibonacci as

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Hedgehog First Aid
Across the UK, some 600 centres offer care for hedgehogs, ranging in size from a single person operating from their kitchen to impressive purpose-built wildlife hospitals. One of the busiest centres is Vale Wildlife Hospital, near Tewkesbury, set up
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On The Move
Found only in the Namib desert, which sweeps along the coast of Namibia and into southern Angola, Péringuey’s adder is a specialist of shifting sands. As it travels up the dunes, the reptile propels itself using sidewinding motion, leaving a distinct
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Island Mice
In August 1930, the last remaining villagers on St Kilda departed the islands for good. The resident house mouse became extinct almost immediately, having lived solely among the islanders and subsisting on their leftovers. The St Kilda field mouse, h