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The Expert View
Grass-of-Parnassus, with its ivory-white flowers, is a welcome sight in late summer and autumn on our moors, rough grasslands and  Hebridean machair, standing out in stark contrast to the browning vegetation. It’s relatively common across northern pa
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Norway’s Star Wolf Moved For Safety
Norway’s most famous wolf has been captured and moved south with a female companion to protect him from licensed killing. Known as the Elgå wolf, after an area north-east of Lillehammer where he once roamed, he is believed to carry more genes from th
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Disturbance In The Deep
Giant, electric mining machines, thundering across the deep seabed miles under water, may seem the stuff of science fiction – like the idea of mining asteroids, or the moon – but they could soon become a reality. Plans paving the way towards the firs