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K. First off – no, this isn’t a keyring, though it does look like it! This little device has the

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And The Winners Are...
Hey TGs, congratulations to every single one of you who entered our Shine like a Star competition! Each and every story brought the biggest smiles to our faces, and we are SO proud of all our TG readers. It’s truly magical to hear about all the amazi
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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…
Hey Sofia! Congrats on your new song ‘Guess I’m a Liar’. What came first, a passion for acting or performing? Thank you – honestly, I grew up idolising women like Cher who didn’t have to choose and had incredible careers in both music and acting. I
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Silly Art Hacks
Video: YouTube, 5-Minute Crafts ★ Glasses frame stencil (we found ours online and printed it out) ★ Hot-glue gun and glue ★ Stickers (for decoration) ★ Baking paper 1. Place the baking paper over the printed stencil. With an adult’s help, trace it