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A dog’s life

Dogs as household pets were a strange concept in the Eastern Cape platteland where the late Afrikaans author Hennie Aucamp was raised in the ’30s and ’40s. Household dogs belonged in the city, and farm dogs were working dogs, he told me one day while we were chatting about cows and calves and dogs and cats.

This was also the case at Gretna, our farm in the Settlers area of the Springbok Flats in Limpopo, where there was always a commotion of at least six working farmyard dogs. “Pack” doesn’t sound quite right when talking about tame dogs. Nor do some other descriptive English alternatives: kennel, cowardice, cry or litter.

THE BRITISH are indeed crazy about their four-legged friends. Even in the countryside around the

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The Rules, Like Them Or Not
You won’t find them written down anywhere, but it’s worth knowing that platteland village rules and customs are no less binding than the edicts of governments and municipalities. Whereas city types can live in the same house for decades without excha
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In A Nutshell
Distance from the big city? Tesselaarsdal is 135 km from Cape Town and 48 km from Hermanus. The nearest towns are Caledon (23 km) and Stanford (38 km). Nearest hospitals Caledon Provincial Hospital. In Hermanus you will find the Hermanus Mediclinic,
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Motivate Yourself
The secret to walking is to do it often. Keep dangling a carrot in front of yourself so that walking remains interesting and enjoyable. • Buy a fitness tracker such as a Fitbit Charge 2. It is relatively inexpensive and gives you basic information su