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Power shift

Clare Press: “What does activism mean to you? Moreblessing, you’re the only one among us who uses the word in your Instagram bio.”

Moreblessing Maturure: “I remember when the phrase ‘alt right activist’ started being used to describe neo-Nazis, and going through my whole digital presence and removing the word ‘activist’. Recently, I reconsidered. I now list activist first. A big part of my practice is that, and I got a lot of this from Black Lives Matter – not everyone can be on the front line.”

Varsha Yajman: “I actually don’t call myself an activist. I am a normal teenager. A lot of my friends, who don’t do interviews or media, do exactly what I do [in terms of climate action].”

Isabella Wiggs: “To me, an activist is someone who puts their assets into what they believe in, and I think your biggest assets are your time and skills. Using those two things to effect change, to promote effort in something you care about – that’s activism to me and I’m all for it.”

“Fashion activism: you’re basically wearing a billboard on your back. Your style, what you wear, your tattoos, the way you adorn yourself can all be activism if we think about it as self-fashioning. My pride now with that word

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