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Feeding the wildlife community

onservation is as much about people as it is wildlife. As COVID-19 lockdown continues, thousands of people living in impoverished African rural communities adjacent to game reserves have

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The Power Of Adventure Therapy
I don’t know about you but I think we could all benefit from a bit of adventure therapy, after the year we’ve had. There is just something about being in the great outdoors that allows you to escape the stressful demands of everyday life and reduces
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A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved
Roving Reporter ABOUT a month before I drove the Lightweight back up to London, I had made a new Land Rover friend. For some time, I had seen this nice ex-army 110 parked up in the same position for some time on a hill in my area and, eventually, I w
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Gastrowagon Up For Grabs
DESPITE the coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions, Land Rover prices have held up well through the pandemic, with Car Dealer magazine reporting that Landies at auction have easily reached CAP valuations in most cases. The trade, of course, is mainly