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ARE you afraid of your Land Rover’s electrics? Many people are. One glimpse of the multi-coloured spaghetti behind the instrument panel and they run away screaming. Dave the landlord, who was in the motor trade before I was born, tells me that there are only two things that frighten him: electrics and gearboxes. I pointed out to him that his Range Rover P38 has an electrically-controlled gearbox and I think I rather spoiled the pleasure of ownership for him. The Rangie is now up for sale.

Personally I love working on vehicle electrics. Give me a Series III and a new Autosparks wiring loom to install in it and I’ll be as happy as a pig in muck. Mysterious electrical faults? Let me at 'em, multimeter in hand. There are a couple of electrical jobs I do not especially relish, but those are just down to access issues. The front end lighting loom on Defenders terminates in a bundle of corrosion-prone bullet terminals tucked away behind the headlamps and almost impossible to work on without taking the headlight bowls out. And at the other end of the same vehicle, the aluminium panels which cover the tail light wiring are, on a Station Wagon, almost impossible to remove without taking the bench seats out.

Most of the electrical problems

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