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Happy fourths

I read Joseph Laredo’s ‘Weakest link’ letter in issue 114, and I find myself in agreement with the author – in that my fourth fingers are engaged in no lesser way than my third fingers. I am curious to understand why it is commonly believed the fourth digit is incapable of achieving less than the

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Carl REINECKE (1824-1910)
First published in 1885, this tender Prelude by German Romantic composer Carl Reinecke appears as the opening piece in his first suite of Five Serenades for the Young Op 183. Each suite comprises three to four pieces. We suggest sounding some of the
PianistLeitura de 1 mins
The Adventure Begins
1 Take stock of where you’re at with your piano playing at regular intervals. 2 Consolidate previous repertoire to expand your bank of enjoyably playable pieces. 3 Challenge yourself in multiple ways – tackle music by an unknown composer, enter for a
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Mischa Levitzki (1898-1941)
Contemporary reviewers and colleagues sometimes ran out of complimentary metaphors when describing the playing of Mischa Levitzki (1898-1941). The influential player and pedagogue Abram Chasins said ‘He was a vibrant master workman; everything was pu