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PianistLeitura de 5 mins
Key A flat Tempo Valse Style Romantic Will improve your ✓Waltz style ✓Phrasing ✓Inner voice projection Tchaikovsky’s The Seasons is a cycle of 12 piano pieces written in 1875-76. Each highly descriptive piece depicts a different month of the year. I’
PianistLeitura de 5 mins
Thoroughly CLAVINOVA
Thirty-five years since the first Clavinova digital piano was launched in 1985, Yamaha has raised the lid on the latest generation, called the CLP-700. Being an owner of both a Yamaha P-515 digital piano that has some features similar to the new rang
PianistLeitura de 1 mins
Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750)
This short, feisty piece is a favourite with beginner-level pianists. It’s full of rhythmic verve and is a great exercise for getting the fingers moving and for practising quick jumps. Look closely at the technical tips within the score. ■