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ISMN: 978-0-85736-914-7 (Initial); -915-4 (1); -916-1 (2); -917-8 (3); -918-5 (4); -919-2 (5); -920-8 (6); -921-5 (7); -922-2 (8) Trinity’s new piano syllabus covers the same graded levels as its previous iterations – an Initial grade followed by Gra
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If you can set a child upon the journey to discover the joy of playing music, you’re giving them one of the greatest gifts ever. And the KORG tinyPIANO is one of the best ways of helping them take their first tentative steps. Don’t dismiss tinyPIANO
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Erik SATIE (1866-1925)
Satie’s Enfantines are three sets of beginner piano pieces, which the composer said were ‘written with the aim of preparing children for the sound patterns of modern music.’ They were composed in October 1913 and published the following year. This ca