Johann Nepomuk HUMMEL (1778-1837)


Quite the virtuoso, Austrian composer Johann Nepomuk bridged the gap between the Classical

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Tips With A Twist
Streabbog The Whirlwind (p30): Your chromatic scales get a thorough workout in this delightful piece. Try out a variety of fingering choices, such as: 4321, 2132, 1432 when descending in the RH six bars before the end; 1234, 1231, 2345, 12345 for bar
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Spring Cleaning Freshen Up Your Practising Skills
This is the perfect time of year for a spring clean! For many of us, piano playing has become quite a different experience from what we were accustomed to just a year ago. While for some the daunting reality of a virtual world merely confirms the ind
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The Scores
MELANIE SPANSWICK is a pianist, writer, teacher and composer. As an author, she is published by leading publishing houses, and has written a three-book piano course for those returning to piano playing; Play It Again: PIANO (Schott Music). Melanie te