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It's a Kinner

the Kinner name is associated with a family of low-power radial engines. This may be true, but Kinner activities were far from being limited to engine production. From 1932 to 1937, Kinner produced a line of monoplanes that

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Thunderchief At War
PICTURE, IF YOU WILL, a Mach-2-capable, all-weather fighterbomber that flies 1,000 feet above the ground on autopilot, while a Doppler navigation system steers it to a target 300 to 500 nautical miles distant. Then, at 550 knots, it runs in toward th
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Squadron Named By Japs Over Radio
The following article appeared in “CBI Roundup,” the official newspaper of the CBI Theater. Ever since it started winning a reputation for itself by knocking down Japanese planes over Burma, one of the crack P-51 Mustang fighter-bomber squadrons of t
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