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ow are you faring during this pandemic induced shut down? We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. We also hope you are enjoying the hobby as much as you can and continuing to

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RC Car ActionLeitura de 1 minsAutomotive
Pit Tips
Keeping track of your suspension pre-load set up can get confusing. One way to keep track of how many turns your springs are set to is to mark the collar and shock body with a paint marker so that its easier to keep track and count how many turns it’
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Special Project: Bug Hauler
Sometimes the creative bug bites you and infects you with an energy that won’t let go until you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Maybe you have an idea on how to better detail your overland crawler or maybe it’s trying out a new wheel and tire
RC Car ActionLeitura de 6 minsAutomotive
Swept Away
Every so often we come across an RC kit with such a unique design that it truly inspires us. Kits like these usually feature something truly noteworthy, something that really stands out in the design. These are the special kind of kits that really ca