Jari Jones

ari Jones unapologetically exudes activism, beauty and purpose. She’s more than just a model. She acts as a voice for plus-size women, a voice for trans women and an aspirational role model to the Black LGBTQ+ community across the world. “Black Lives Lives Matter has been the cry out and mantra of my life,” she tells GAY TIMES, as she continues to blur the coloured lines and disrupt industry beauty standards. Jari was recently featured in the Calvin Klein 2020 Pride campaign, which went viral because

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My Full Stop: The Victim Impact Statement I was denied
The notion of victimhood is something that I have been asked to share with you today. To be able to humanise the case number that’s been assigned to my body, and instead share with you, the jury, what the actualities have been of living through this
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Long before COVID-19 forced the world to lock down, Taimi were committed to creating and nurturing a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ people online. What started out as a dating app for gay men has blossomed into a dating and social platform for a
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Pop icon. Committed ally. Disco queen. If you were to hop into a TARDIS and land in the space above a stylish restaurant called Bluebird on King’s Road in London in the spring of 1994, chances are you’d stumble upon a 26-year-old Kylie Minogue in a l