Walt Disco

“I built up the confidence to try all these things, and I feel a lot better with my gender non-conforming self and my sexuality.”

If I told you there’s an exciting new band from Glasgow with a gender non-conforming singer whose vocal sounds like it should be on The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, they’ve named their new EP after vintage gay porn, and have a song inspired by both ABBA and Girls Aloud, your interest would be well and truly piqued, yes? Good. Then let me introduce you to Walt Disco.

Their beginnings play out like a coming of age movie. They became friends at Glasgow University during Freshers Week, then later decided to form a band, entered a Battle of the Bands competition and won. From there they realised this whole being-in-a-band business could have something about it. Before they know it they’ve played Glasgow’s iconic King Tuts venue seven times and plans to tour internationally have become a reality. A string of well-received singles later, bandmates James, Lewis,

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