Given that Tinashe has made some of the most effortlessly sensual music of the past decade, from her stunning club banger 2 On to her stellar feature on Britney Spears’ sweetly suggestive Slumber Party (Remix), it’s surprising to hear her say she’s “really not that sexual as a person”.

“Like, I am, but it’s not that important to me as a person,” she clarifies. “But in my art and my music, I like to be sexy. And in my performance, I really like to be sexy – I like to go on stage and be a badass bitch. When I turn it on, when I become the performer that I am, that is definitely gonna be sexy every time.”

No one who’s been to a Tinashe gig – she’s balanced headline tours with stints opening for Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj –

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