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Agricolleges International: an ‘inspiring creation’

Agricolleges International (Agricolleges), a South African-based online agrieducation platform, has been named one of the top 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations (MIDI) of the year by Dutch organisation, Partos. Agricolleges offers a variety of online agricultural courses, from courses focused on business management

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Farmer's WeeklyLeitura de 1 mins
A Historical Treasure Trove Discovered In Port Alfred
While visiting a friend in Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape, Farmer’s Weekly reader Dr Martin Briggs stumbled upon these and other beautiful pieces in their house. He says it is likely that these vintage items (a carriage clock and a mechanical table
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South Africa’s Milkwood Monuments
The white milkwood (Sideroxylon inerme) is a hardy, handsome, evergreen tree endemic to the coastal areas of Southern Africa. A slow- growing species with very hard wood, it is well known for its longevitiy. In 1993, a white milkwood was declared a n
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Towards A Fairer Trade Balance Between SA And Botswana
“South Africa and Botswana are dependent on each other to a greater or lesser extent in the supply and demand chains of their agriculture sectors. Botswana is a landlocked, semi-desert country that is not self-sufficient in food, and depends on impor