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obbywing’s Xerun XR10 Pro G2 ESC is the next evolution in a strong lineup of ESC options from the popular manufacturer. The XR10 G2 features a continuous current output of 160A and a peak current output of 1200A (yes, twelve hundred). An adjustable BEC is built-in, and there are several tuning options such

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Smooth Rolling
Bearings are an essential feature of an RC car’s driveline. They ensure smooth operation of driveline components providing performance and efficiency. Over time however, you might find your bearing lag a bit, or worse and have gotten a bit crunchy. I
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Your RC transmitter might be one of the most important (and in some cases, most expensive) pieces of equipment in your RC arsenal. Taking care of this essential piece of gear is critical. In this edition of TDC, we focus on Tamiya’s new dedicated Tra
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Track Basher!
Recently I started wanting an “all-around” off-road kit, something that can pull double duty for use on the track as well as out in the wild. A kit with the fine tuning capability and speed to race, yet the strength and durability to take out bashing