Maybe you know this scenario: You are at a party and you are talking. Suddenly, a song is played over the music system that has become a worldwide sensation. The person, who you have been talking to, mentions in a side note, that anyone can probably write a hit like that in a few minutes. But is it really so easy to make a world-wide hit?

Granted: We don‘t have a patented formula for the next big hit either, but we

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All Hands on Deck!
Beat / You‘re known for your deep house- and techno-productions. As I understand it, however, hip-hop was your first love. Quarion / That‘s right. I loved hip-hop since I was twelve years old and I was fascinated by what DJs would do. Listening to ce
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Perform Live with Push
To layer sounds, load a MIDI instrument, such as a bass, into a new MIDI track. Load another instrument, such as a synth, into a second MIDI track; and a third, perhaps an organ, into a third MIDI track. In the first MIDI track, place the Note Length
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