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iven their use of new tech, you might have thought that Apple’s first silicon-powered MacBooks would be more expensive than their current Intel counterparts, but one

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Free software SYNTHWAVE KEYS
Beatskillz are relatively new software developers that specialise in instruments and plugins designed to be ‘great sounding, great looking and inspiring audio tools’. They also have a philosophy to make each one simple, effective and intuitive which
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Pro Tips
Below, we used both white and pink noise, the colours available from Voltage Modular Nucleus’ Noise Generator module. As described, white noise consists of all frequencies at equal level, resulting in a full-frequency squall of pseudo-static. Pink no
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Yelle’s music seems to belong in the city. The dirty synth basslines and clattering electronic rhythms of songs like Karaté or Ba$$in are tailor-made for the neon-soaked streets of LA or Tokyo. And then there are Julie Budet’s vocals: Madonna meets F