Computer Music

Dystopian dissonances

Industrial music is meant to disturb. Art terrorism taken to the extreme and reflected in the fashions of

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Saving Sounds
With no obvious way of saving sounds in Synthwave Keys, you might think that you can’t keep any of the sounds you come up with from this ‘Digging Deeper’ section but you’d be wrong. Many DAWs load plugins within a shell that has saving options. Logic
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There’s a possibility – and we hope this is not a correct prediction – that there won’t be any ‘live’ music equipment shows next year thanks to, you guessed it ‘that’ situation. NAMM has already gone, Frankfurt is surely hanging in the balance, so wi
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Yelle’s music seems to belong in the city. The dirty synth basslines and clattering electronic rhythms of songs like Karaté or Ba$$in are tailor-made for the neon-soaked streets of LA or Tokyo. And then there are Julie Budet’s vocals: Madonna meets F