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12 Of The Best Android Apps
This full DAW offers flexible MIDI and audio track recording plus a range of built-in instruments, including Evolution One which is based on the rather great Synth One from AudioKit (see the synth roundup). It features decent import and export functi
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Crunched up 90s
So what was it about sampling in the 90s that defined much of that decade’s sound? Two big things spring to mind, particularly with that early jungle and breakbeat music: firstly the filtering, so much an early secret but then a big part of later 90s
Computer MusicLeitura de 4 minsTechnology & Engineering
11 Grooveboxes
AL/AB/IAA | iPAD/iPHONE | 5 INSTRUMENTS 8-20 PRESETS/GROOVES PER INSTRUMENT An inspiring tool that lets you quickly create melodies and beats. You get five free touchable instruments and while you can do a lot with these and the free patterns, they’r