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KV331 Audio’s SynthMaster has been reviewed in Computer Music no less than half a dozen times and on every occasion bar one has scored a massive 9/10. It’s the mothership of a synth range that includes the cut-down One and Player. There has been a free version of Player available as a download for some time – complete with 550 solid presets – and it appeared in our 100 Best Freeware Apps in 281). But this is the first time the full version of Player, with its massive 1800 factory presets, has ever been free. And it’s yours, so rejoice!

Never has a synth been so well named as SynthMaster. It truly is, as one clever reviewer once noted, ‘the master of synths’, managing to combine several engines, great routing and an incredible sound into a package that, while not massively easy to use for a synth newbie, is

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Computer Music
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