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Things To Avoid When Practising
Once you know the pattern, identifying notes on the keyboard becomes second nature after a bit of practise – one good exercise is to have a friend call out random note names for you to find and play. As with any learning process, though, there are a
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IK Multimedia T-RackS 5 Space Delay €120
T-RackS is IK Multimedia’s processing system and it provides a multitude of plugins that work either alone or as modules inside their mastering framework, T-RackS Suite. Over time T-RackS has accumulated an enviable array of almost 50 rather excellen
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Dear Dear Andy, Kate [Puttick, managing editor] and (almost exclusively) chaps. What the actual? I think I’ve seen ONE Producer Masterclass by a woman in the last, ooh, three or four years? And the numbers are similar for most other features too — ap