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From the age of 40, a third of all women will experience involuntary bladder leaks. They may be triggered by weak pelvic floor muscles, changes caused by the menopause, or other medical factors. Femaxeen® is a natural supplement, claimed to help combat the problem. It is made

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Recovery Rules
Sprawling on the sofa with your feet up after a tough session has its merits, that’s for sure. But smart exercisers are also fitting active recovery into their schedule (that’s a short, low-intensity workout that aims to increase blood flow, metaboli
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Box Fresh!
Spending the best part of a year indoors has forced us to divert our attention away from our usual routines, with food becoming a welcome distraction to get us through the tough times. Lockdown has seen us sharing our favourite banana bread recipes o
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Try This...
Try the Mindfulness App. Get started with an intro to mindfulness and a five-day guided practice, then choose meditations ranging from three to 30 minutes long. You can also set reminders to help you stay calm and focused throughout the day, and reco