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Unified Memory
APPLE’S NEW M1 Macs introduce a new kind of Mac processor and a new kind of memory too. Apple calls it Unified Memory Architecture (UMA), and it’s one of the reasons M1 Macs are so incredibly fast. Since the earliest PCs, the core of the system has b
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How To Manage Apple’sr Eminders Widget
In jiggle mode, tap the “+” to add a new widget. Find Reminders from the list. You have options for small, medium, and large widgets, each of which can display a single reminders list from Apple’s app. Once you’ve chosen a size, drop it onto your Hom
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Grado GT220 Wireless Earbuds
$259 From Grado, Features Bluetooth 5.0, aptX, AAC & SBC codecs, 36 hours playback Designing and manufacturing headphones out of Brooklyn, New York, since 1953, Grado’s GT220 earbuds are its first venture into the wireless market. And j