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BLAST FROM THE PAST Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar

he list of classic vintage synthesizers reads like a Who’s Who of American and Japanese instrument design, with only a smattering of entries from the UK; but there’s no mistaking exactly which instruments were produced in that green and pleasant land: just look for the strange, quirky and

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A while back, Massachusetts software supremos iZotope acquired the respected reverb aficionados Exponential Audio. We've since seen some Exponential tech appear in iZotope products, but there's been no dedicated reverb plugin – at least not until now
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 4 minsTechnology & Engineering
Syntorus 2
$78 D16.pl Polish developer D16 produces some of the finest analog emulations available, ranging from the Roland-inspired Drumazon and Nepheton drum machines right through to hardware emulating effects such as the Antresol flanger, Repeater delay and
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Quick Tips
1 When dialing in multiple grains and settings, your synth’s output level can quickly shoot through the roof. Whack a limiter plugin on the synth’s output to keep overshoots in check, and be ready to reach for that volume knob! 2 When stocking up you