Electronic Musician

Waveform Pro 11 from $119 tracktion.com


+ A solid showing of improvements and new features

+ Useful new MIDI effects

+ Quick Actions Bar and Window are great

+ Plugin sandboxing


- Manual out of date. Again

- Artisan Collection still leaves a sour taste

Metronomic in its regularity, this year’s Waveform Pro update introduces another round of new features to Tracktion Software’s innovative DAW, as well as general under-the-hood optimization and stability improvements. We’ve been here many times before, so we’ll not waste valuable space going over the fundamentals of the software again – check out our previous

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The Alternatives
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Pro Tips
With minor keys, the nature of the parent scale has an effect on the quality of diatonic chords, but not their function. For instance, tonic chords in a major key are I, iii and vi, but in a minor key are i, III and VI. Dominant chords in a major key