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Mixing drums

ixing drums is one of the most challenging aspects of music production. With so many variables, you can’t just fly at it wildly and hope to get good results. No, you have to know what

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Jennifer Touch
Drawing influences from post-punk, electro pop and techno, Berlin’s Jennifer Touch is a vocalist and producer capable of bridging the gap between club music and classic songwriting. On her debut album Behind The Wall, released this summer via Fatcat
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Recommended Listening
In this tune, the cyclic Abm - F# - C#m, Ebm chords indicate a I - VII - iv - v progression in Ab minor bit.ly/FMunforg A D minor sequence in this track – Dm - Am - Bb - C (i - v - VI - VII) is a more interesting form of the standard tonic/dominant/t
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 1 minsTechnology & Engineering
Three Software OSCar Alternatives
Truly a labor of love, impOSCar is a spot-on recreation of the original OSCar, boasting some nifty extras like polyphony, nine different filter types, multiple mono and poly unison modes, and the ability to route incoming audio into the signal path.