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Next Week In Shooting Times
The best ways to keep your eye in over the summer months. Stalking the diminutive deer in Essex. Is there such thing as an all-round gundog? How to build the perfect high seat and make the most of the advantage it offers. ... AND MUCH MORE! ■
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Twenty-six Dogs And Counting
It’s nearly half a century since I first met Keith Howman. I was covering a day’s shooting, won in a Game Conservancy raffle, for Shooting Times. Keith was one of the Guns and we soon discovered that we shared an interest in rare pheasants. A few yea
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Why We Need To Control Mink
When we think about mink control, we tend to think about water vole conservation, but there are lots of other reasons. Most predators will ‘surplus kill’ given abundant prey, but mink are particularly strong on this, hence the mayhem if one gets amon