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ASM Hydrasynth £1,299

Full Review: FM360

n impressive first release from a new brand. Hydrasynth looks and sounds great, invites exploration, is built to last and is hugely expressive. What’s not to like?

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Matrix Reloaded
The MatrixBrute’s titular button matrix makes a return here, in a more compact, 12x8 form. Functionally, it fulfils the same roles, acting as a handy preset browser, a controller for the multi-lane sequencer and, most usefully, a digital patchbay for
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Audified’s VocalMint Compressor Isn’t As Basic As It Looks
> Although it only has one knob on it – and not much else, to be frank – Audified’s VocalMint compressor plugin actually contains three pre-tuned compressors (plus an analogue-style valve stage) that are specifically designed to work on vocals. Inher
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Method 2: Xfer Serum
01 Start by setting Osc A to the Basic Shapes wavetable and select the square wave index. Then, change the Warp mode to PWM and set it to between 10-30%. Once you have a width that you like, use the Copy Osc A->B option in the main menu, then raise i