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hange each group of 10 words below into a “family” of different words (words or proper names that have something in common) by

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Games World of PuzzlesLeitura de 4 mins
Cubed The Puzzle Of Us All
Towards the end of Cubed, Ern? Rubik’s recent book about his curious creation, the Hungarian puzzle-maker mentions that there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible arrangements of the Cube. “Only one of these,” he notes, “is the starting state, wit
Games World of PuzzlesLeitura de 1 mins
Good Morning, Sunshine
With the morning skies dawns this word search. Look for all of the words and phrases listed below; they can be found horizontally, vertically, and diagonally (always in a straight line). When you see a consecutive A-M, substitute a in its place. Can
Games World of PuzzlesLeitura de 1 mins
Hot Stuff
Here’s a quiz that answers some burning questions. The answer to each clue below is a word, phrase, or title containing the word FIRE. For example, the clue “Computer security measure” would lead to the answer FIREWALL, while “1985 Brat Pack movie” w