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Hollowed Out!
Hollowbody guitars are lively beasts by nature. They're louder than their solidbody brethren and this makes them susceptible to feedback at high volume. Try out our tips and beat the noise. Billy Duffy and Jack White stuffed their guitars with foam
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Fractal Fm3 Amp Modeller/fx Processor
In terms of modelling amp and effects processors Fractal is pretty much at the top of the tree with their rackmount Axe-Fx III. That said, it’s probably also fair to say that it’s out of the financial reach of most of us, especially if you add in the
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In the high-end modelling world, Kemper and their profiling technology are Fractal’s obvious rival. Their Kemper Profiler Stage floorboard unit is the FM3’s nearest equivalent. Line 6 is the popular choice in modelling processors and the Helix Floo