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Wally was born in his grandparent’s house in Trebanog, in the Rhondda valleys, one of six children. During his school years at Porth he was an army cadet. Leaving school, he went to work at

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Jubilee Year 1977
When I was an apprentice signwriter back in the 1970s, I heard a man who had just purchased a lorry from where I worked ask my foreman if he could have a Union Flag painted on the front of his new vehicle. The foreman said no, we don’t do that sort o
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Missing Name
There was a letter in the August issue of Heritage Commercials titled MEMORIES STIRRED, unfortunately, the writer’s name was missed off the bottom. It was written by Ed Valentine of Aberdeenshire, our apologies to Ed for this error and thank you for
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Heroes To Zero
The Second World War saw General Motors deliver over half a million GMC 2½-ton CCKW 6x6s. The amphibious DUKW derivative was designed in 1942. All told, some 21,000 examples were deployed in support of US Army and US Marine Corps’ island hopping war