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It was just two little words but I immediately knew who was on the end of the phone in early ‘94: “Mr Tuck,’ was the distinctive greeting from good friend Roger Mortimore. While I had no idea what he was then going to say, the slightest intonation in his voice suggested that it was going to be something that I was of course going to reply ‘Yes.’ And was I pleased that I joined him (and a motley collection of similar old wagon nutters) on a trip across to the Continent that I’ll never forget.

Although he’s now totally retired from the road haulage game, back then Roger was running his own abnormal load haulage business based at Dartford in Kent. Being a specialist carrier for the structural steel industry saw him involved with all manner of oddball traffic which took him to all sorts of places both in the UK and across into Europe. His first trip across the water was way back in ’68 – with a TK Bedford to collect fruit – however, as well as going there to earn a crust, he then also began running onto the Continent to enjoy the diverse commercial vehicle preservation scene over there. Over the years, he was to become very good friends with the Netherlands’ based George Kwekel who organised the annual Stoom-Truck-Oldtimer festival and for ’94, Roger and George came up with a cunning plan. And yours truly was invited to be one of the smallest bit players in a great week of action.

What a sight

It’s more than 26 years since I was stood on an over bridge crossing the A2 (I

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Let’s Get Personal(ised)
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