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Like the Pioneers, the Explorers were sold-off at auction to begin a second life as commercial breakdown trucks or as showman tractors, invariably they were re-engined with a less thirsty diesel, like the Gardner 6LW. Hundreds of garages up and down the country saw the Explorer as a ‘safe pair of hands’ for their business. Jackson’s of Morpeth, a 24-hour heavy recovery service closely allied to the military, based at Priestbridge, about 25 miles from the Otterburn ranges in Northumberland, ran both Pioneers and Explorers over the years. Fortunately, the company is sympathetic to the enthusiast marketplace, so most of their surplus equipment has been directed towards the preservationists as Mike and Julie Blenkinsop found out.

Derek Willis who ran the coach company ‘Willis of Bodmin’ acquired an Explorer originally supplied to the Royal Navy for work at Devonport dockyard. While involved in

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Let’s Get Personal(ised)
As a number of Crows gathered together is called a ‘murder’ we won’t go there, but instead focus on the picture. The first thing I noticed was the CW logo on the cab, which are the same as my initials, albeit I have a middle name. This made me think
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Restored Stralises?
The truth is, there are not many restored Stralises on the show scene. But that could change. In fact, there’s few Eurotech and EuroStar models on the show scene as well. The good thing with Ivecos is they are as cheap as chips to pick up, and you ca
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Mike’s Top Ten
It was to be quite a move. When his parents – Norman and Betty – made the decision to up sticks and travel about 70 miles south to live in North Yorkshire (after Norman took up the offer of one rather special job based on Teesside) 15-year-old Mike w