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Mid Century Modern kitchens

ffer so many of the amenities 21st-century homeowners crave, including open floor plans and stylish storage solutions. But even for homeowners who adore their vintage homes, their kitchens may still be lacking some much-needed features, like abundant

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What Do You Know, Joe?
Growing up in California, it’s hard not to be hugely influenced by Joseph Eichler, the man who brought Midcentury Modern to the masses. And in Southern California’s Orange County area, where I went to school and recently put down roots with my home,
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Building a Home Paul R. Williams Style
While Paul Revere Williams is known as “Hollywood's Architect” for his work on the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Beverly Hills, among other swanky Los Angeles projects, residential architecture was the bread and butter of his
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Golden Record
In 1959, songwriter Berry Gordy Jr. purchased a two-family house on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, Michigan. Gordy lived in the upper portion with his wife and son, while the lower section was used to start his record label, Motown Record Corporati