Atomic Ranch

Golden Record

In 1959, songwriter Berry Gordy Jr. purchased a two-family house on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, Michigan. Gordy lived in the upper portion with his wife and son,

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offer so many of the amenities 21st-century homeowners crave, including open floor plans and stylish storage solutions. But even for homeowners who adore their vintage homes, their kitchens may still be lacking some much-needed features, like abundan
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DAVID EICHLER: Through a New Lens
Sometimes an appreciation and understanding for an art form is passed down like a family heirloom. That’s the case for David Eichler, architectural photographer and owner of David Eichler Photography. A rich history predates him—his grandfather, Jose
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Real Home 101
TYPE OF HOME: 1965 Florida Ranch ARCHITECT: Unknown BACKGROUND: This original kitchen had seen only small updates since its 1965 construction, so it wasn’t entirely functional for the homeowners, a couple with a new baby on the way. Brooke Eversoll