For city dwellers, the great outdoors is revered as a place that exists beyond the confines of your usual environment—somewhere that you drive for days to get to, where there are no buildings or people, and where nature is practically climbing in through the window of your vehicle.

But here’s the thing: the outdoors is everywhere. The minute you’re not inside, you’re in the outdoors. And with many people now reluctant to travel far from home, it’s a great time to explore your local environment and discover outdoor spaces that you might never have realized were right under your fire escape.

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Alaska At Last
We had finally made it to Anchor Point, Alaska. Fat raindrops hammered on the roof of our rented SUV, the mist clouded our view of the volcanic peaks opposite and the faded sign read, “North America’s Most Westerly Highway Point.” Our well-thumbed co
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New Year’s Resolutions For Travelers
I remember my last New Year’s Eve with crystal clarity. I was at a friend’s house. Everyone was outside drinking on the porch, huddled together in one unit. It was freezing cold, but none of us seemed to mind. We were all warmed up by the alcohol and