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Science In The Spotlight Tall Poppy Awards 2020
GENERAL MANAGER OF THE AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF POLICY AND SCIENCE The Australian Institute of Policy and Science would like to take a moment to congratulate all of those scientists – in Australia and around the world – that worked through adversity t
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Can Artificial Intelligence Be Trusted With Our Human Rights?
Sir Reginald Ansett was a captain of industry in the old-fashioned sense. The eponymous head of one of Australia’s major airlines, Reg Ansett had strong views. One of his views was that women don’t make good pilots.1 But he met his match with Deborah
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Welfare To Warfare: Police Militarisation And Fortress Australia
The following day, videos of the event, went viral. News of Floyd’s killing – as well as the intensity, size, and geographic spread of the protests that followed and the policing of those protests – made global headlines, overshadowing the pandemic a