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ark Moon Books editorial team promotes dark fiction by publishing multi-author anthologies and single author collections plus the occasional novel. They want ‘unusual and invigorating

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Don’t Be Late
The Writers’ Co-op editorial team are putting together their fourth The Rabbit Hole anthology. The Writers’ Co-op is a websitebased marketing platform built by writers, for writers. Their aim is to ‘provide promotion, marketing ideas and exciting rea
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Indie Or TRADITIONAL? That Is The Question!
Listen in to any group of writers and before long, you will hear them debating the advantages and disadvantages of self- and traditional publishing. There are for and against on both fronts – what is more important is to decide what you want to achie
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Aim For The Target
I’m not normally a fan of targets. Back when I had a ‘day job’ (my current job has no such parameters – I write at all hours, even in my head) and being told I had to reach such-and-such an achievement by such-and-such a time was something that didn’