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UK Book Market
Stairwell Books is a small independent publisher based in the north of England. ‘We publish literary fiction, history, genre fiction (crime, sci-fi, thriller), children’s lit, poetry, memoir, story collections, and our newest genre, “cli-fi”,’ said p
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Now Try This
Planner or non-planner, when you’re starting to write any kind of story, always ask yourself the following three questions: • Whose story am I telling?• What does this person want?• How is he or she going to get what they want – or fail to get it? Th
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Bringing SEXY back
What did you write in lockdown? A first draft, some poems? Melanie Blake blasted out a bonkbuster. Reworking the classic 1980s formula of sex, sleaze, trash, glamour and high society for the 2020s, Ruthless Women is the addictive page-turner you will