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This new female-owned, family-run business is based in Essex, UK.

Founder Samantha Henry was searching for collars and harnesses for

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Animal Magic
We are a nation of bird watchers. From the red breasted Robin to the Blue Tit, we can’t get enough of these wonderful creatures. Small garden birds need to eat regularly, particularly during cold weather when they use up a lot of energy just keeping
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It’s Serious
Cradling my stomach, I winced in pain. It was January 2019 and I was struggling with terrible tummy trouble. Any time I needed to go to the toilet, I was in agony. It was like I was giving birth! ‘Could it be IBS?’ I asked my doctor. ‘Maybe,’ he muse
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Your Dilemmas…
Natalie Trice is a Confidence and Clarity Coach who works with women to help them create a life they love. As a uni lecturer, she helps students to take charge of their careers. natalietrice.co.uk Q My friend said some negative things about my teen s