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Amateur Contact Log 6.7 Available Now

3FJP’s popular Amateur Contact Log has been updated to AC Log 6.7. This version has a bevy of new enhancements including the ability to interface

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CQ Amateur RadioLeitura de 4 mins
ZERO BIAS: A CQ Editorial
Propagation continues to fascinate me, even after several decades, as I now enter my sixth sunspot cycle (I became a ham at the peak of Cycle 20 and knew nothing of sunspot cycles at the time). I’ve learned a tremendous amount since then, especially
CQ Amateur RadioLeitura de 9 mins
Emergency Communications
The semi-official amateur radio mantra, “when all else fails,” is a flag that we wave for many reasons. We may need an “in” with an agency, we may be trying for a grant, we might just want to preserve our hobby from legislative or public opinion thre
CQ Amateur RadioLeitura de 5 mins
The WUST Award for Working U.S. Territories In this issue, we will present the WUST Award which is sponsored by the Metro DX Club of Illinois. I now have something else to chase on my end. Check out the details provided to me by John Holmes, W9ILY: E