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■ DB CARGO: KFAs Nos. RLS 92637 and TIPH 93313/459 departed DBC’s Stoke-on-Trent wagon works on August 9, the trio being returned to Crewe. Meanwhile, August 12 witnessed the departure of WIA (UIC code Sefoorss) five-unit car carrier No. 85 70

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Shed Talk
Correct to December 21, 2020 10401/05/014 HQ/SBXH-DE/MNXX 10561 HQ/SBXH-DE/MNXX 11067/69/73/80/81/85 HQ/SBXHDE/MNXX 11100 HQ/SBXH-DE/MNXX 12030/32 HQ/SBXH-DE/MNXX 12129/30/32/47 HQ/SBXH-DE/ MNXX 40115/17 off registration – scrapped 40730/41 NL/EMHQ-
Rail ExpressLeitura de 2 minsTechnology & Engineering
End For Harrogate Line Token Working
MANUAL token working on the York to Harrogate line ended on November 27 following an upgrade to the signalling system, although the semaphore signals in use along much of the route remain in place. The last passenger service to use the old tokens, be
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Components And Materials
■ Graham Farish Class 150/1 model. ■ PH Designs ‘N’ gauge Class 950 kit. ■ 20-, 30- and 40-thou styrene card. ■ 20-thou by 10-thou styrene strip. ■ Squadron filler. ■ Pledge (Johnsons) ‘Klear’ multi-surface wax. ■ Plastic Weld solvent cement. ■ Cyano