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Terminal Velocity
FROM THE GALACTIC-sounding guitar effects and insistent, propulsive riffing and ear-nagging hooks of the title track to the majestic journey of the album-closer “Temple of Cicadia” — which weaves spindly six-string passages between arhyhthmically chu
Guitar WorldLeitura de 2 mins
BY RICHARD BARRETT What do Chuck Berry, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix and countless other guitar gods have in common? No, there isn’t a punchline... The answer is a knowledge of the basic blues format and the abil
Guitar WorldLeitura de 3 mins
String Theory
LAST MONTH, I presented a couple of interesting ways to apply accent patterns to a steady stream of 16th notes to create five- or six-note groups. I then demonstrated how to chain those groups together to produce some rather tricky-sounding syncopati