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Whatever level of keyboard playing you’re at, there’s always more to be learned if you want to. If you’re serious about taking your playing to the next level, working on your basic piano technique is an obvious move, since piano is the granddaddy of all other keyboard instruments. Every iconic Hammond organ, Rhodes or synth player in your personal top ten will undoubtedly have started their journey by learning piano to some level.

We’ve given you a fair amount to get your teeth (or fingers!)

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Pro Tips
To add more to this cool sound, try invoking the same sort of Random LFO movement toward the filter. First, alter the LfoG1 pot amount, located in the filter section. This sets the amount of modulation from the LFO, which is heading in the direction
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Next Steps
The most logical next stage is to build upon what you already have. In much the same way that large-sounding commercial synthesisers offer more than one oscillator, adding a second and/or third in Eurorack is easy, but you will need to think ahead. I
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#01 Creative Zebra oscillation
It’s time to welcome Dave Gale to the pages of Computer Music, replacing the now-retired Scot Solida as our Expert Guide to all things synth. And with specific instructions to go back to basics and to utilise the mighty Suite, he’s doing just that…